How to decorate a house?

October 19, 2015
Together with the increasing industrialization, the life is more and more modern and as a result of its, the requirements of people for their own property are also up to higher level. Beside fashion with new trends, food with new criteria of fresh and hygiene, house with new style of design also make architect spend much time and grey matter than anything else. People are able to decorate their own house with different sources of inspiration. Some people like using wood to decorate, some others like hanging pictures, others prefer antiques … In what way, theme of the house is always outstanding and makes impression on guests.
Let us point out some types of decoration that most people are favorite in the world:

 1. Wood is the first recommendation

Up to now, it is not coincidence that wood is always in the choice list of house owners. Everything has it reason. Vietnamese considers only rich families may have buildings filled with wood. In fact, nobody can say no with wood once he or she falls in love with wooden theme.
Rich man with personal consultant can get a luxurious feeling because wooden tables, wooden staircases, wooden ceilings… are chosen from many reputable suppliers. It depends on which inspiration the owner wants. Most wealthy people want their building to become the more luxurious the better while the other wish to feel warm.
In the other hand, every class of social would rather use wood to completely match their idea and their house structure. In fact, not only carpenters but also normal man are able to design a nice wooden goods as long as he is self-confident in his skills. If you prefer to making unique goods, there are two basic steps for you: first drawing or making a draft on what you want then go to shop and buy some woodworking machines. A router table is probably the most versatile and accurate for both carpenters and all of you. With a router table, I am able to do this quickly and easily, without risk of injury. There are a number of important things to look at and router tables vary extensively in their design and manufacture there for you can search and find out what you prefer most among best router table or a bench dog router table, another kind of carpenter tools, also can match the requirement of you.

          Wood is the best choice for luxurious space

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Create luxurious house without spending much money with 9 classy styles

October 17, 2015
These effective tips of an experienced interior expert would help your family to have a luxurious and elegant house without spending much money as well as have a dream house.
The wonderful tips from Cheryl Eisen – an experienced house designer, the founder of the famous corporation Interior Furniture Marketing Group, which is based in New York – the United States, would help you to create a unique interior space with an outstanding style in your home. After many years of designing interior space for several premium real estate companies, Cheryl has revealed how to decorate your house become luxurious but no need to spend much money. Hence, you could decerate your house beautifully yourself and, moreover, avoid the common mistakes in home decoration.

1. The marvelous number 3 :

Hanging modern simple mosaics on the wall would create surely strong impressive points for the room. Modern paintings, which are joined by three small pictures, are becoming the hot trend in recent years. Download the art photos from the online website for free, print out the photos on large paper sizes and cut into 3 equal parts and then integrate fittingly into 3 frames. After that, you wold have an unique self-designed mosaic of three pictures without costly.

Modern paintings, which are joined by three small pictures, are becoming the hot trend in recent years

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Three painting colors should be avoided.

October 15, 2015
Home painting colors affect significantly on the mood of  homeowners whenever they get home after long tiring workdays as well as stay at home a whole day. There are, therefore, some home painting colors that should be used carefully according to Feng Shui in order to help your family have a comfortable life and lucky bag.
Besides the cleanliness of the house the effectiveness in home decoration affect much on the mood of people living there, the hot and cold level in color combination has strong influence to human mood. Warm colors would have a positive effect on mood comforting. On the other hand, soothing cold colors would make people feel calm. However, not all of the colors are suitable for house decoration. So how to choose colors for house decoration to improve your luck effectively ?.
Here are 3 colors that you have to be careful when decide to use them in house painting as well as decorating :

The pink color :

Lots of people believe that using pink color to decorate their homes could help them to be more prosperous and lucky. In addition, pink color is quite gentle. Hence, it is extremely popular. However, the pink color is not always good, it could make people become more impatient and easy to get angry. It, therefor, should be used with caution.
  1. Pink walls could make us become more petulant :
Painting walls with the pink color is extremely bad. The pink color is easy to make people become upset, easy to arise quarrels as well as disputes. For women married recently in particular, it is best not to use this color in order to adjust the atmosphere and the relation in the family.

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Have you ever met 6 common mistakes in home decoration ?

October 14, 2015
Most of you often make basic mistakes in house decorating as well as furniture arrangement.
Now, we would point out those mistakes and give you advice so as to avoid them. But first of all, you should review the whole house and recognize that if you have got these following issues :

1. Hanging the pictures too high :

Most of families hang at least one picture on the wall for decoration. However, many families are now hanging pictures too high because that they see and hang it while they are standing. For the picture hung at suitable eye-level, it is best to see while sitting.

These three paintings are hung as a set and the center point is 1.45 meter from the ground. Besides, when hang a picture set, the biggest painting has to be hung on the left side, not the right side or in the middle as many families still apply.

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9 effective ways to clean the kitchen in a flash

October 12, 2015
Only with these simple materials in your home, you would be able to clean items in your kitchen and make them shiny quickly without having to the use toxic chemical detergents.
The kitchen is a place not only for cooking, but also to keep happiness for the whole family by having several delicious meal. As a result, keeping the kitchen clean is extremely essential. You just need to spend a little time with these simple tips below, you would always have a clean and spotless kitchen.

1. Clean the oven :

To remove oil and grease in the oven, you need to mix 5 tablespoons of baking soda, 5 drops of dishwashing liquid and 4 tablespoons of white vinegar together to have a solution. And then apply throughout the oven. Close the oven to wait till the detergent absorbed for 15 minutes. Finally, you could scrub and clean all the oil and grease stains easily.

You can also cut a half of a lemon, sprinkle a little salt and dishwashing liquid on the surface. Then rub it on the glass of oven to clean up all grease and oil stains. After that, wipe carefully with water and let the oven dry. Your oven would become spotless as new.

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Clean your house perfectly by helpful tips without using chemicals

October 10, 2015
Not only make things become shiny as new, baking soda can also help to remove bad smell and clean lot of stain stuck on your household items. To do that, you have to know just some cleaning tips below.
Besides the use of baking, baking soda is also a strong and safe detergent which you should have in your home. With some effective tips of using baking soda, this detergent could be harmless and very flexible.
Here are some helpful tips on cleaning your house with baking soda that you should know :

1. Clean the utensils in the kitchen :

To eliminate bad smell in the refrigerator or plastic boxes for foodstuff, you should place a bag of baking soda in there so as to absorb all bad smell.

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